Tokyo Drifter (as in Nagoremono... not a car movie filmed in tokyo with hardly no japanese people in it)

Ron posting flix from our trip abroad on the his blogspace blog


still checking this!?

Well, in case anynbody got here lookin' for me(Dπ) I've moved to http://blog.d-pi.com/ my man Ron's stuff is @ http://ronaldwimberly.blogspot.com/ and you can see my evergrowing gratuitous ninja rakuga @ http://blog.gratuitousninja.com/ aight... stop checking here!!!


That's it!!!

I'm moving all of Ron's artwork over to his own blog. So from now on this will only be D-pi work.
Since ron decided to start painting again I needed to give him his own space, I don't need him diluting the brand I'm trying to develop over here, feel me!?!

Also i'm gonna start ninja thursdays over at http://blog.gratuitousninja.com/ ... just look up @ the other blogs foo!


oh yeah

just finished a short that'll be in no name mag.
it's called metrotaur.


sorry folks(is there anybody who actually looks at this thing?), been busy... I'll hit it up double time in may to make up for it, but while I have asec let me post a doodle


The everloving

Yeah, no time for a ninja this week so please humbly accept this image of the thing instead



Tengu are one of my favorite mythologcal characters... The closest western equivalant is the goblin, I guess. I think they have more in common with the African trickster. For me the Tengu is to Yoshitsune what Legba is to Robert Johnson, Huh?
"Wait doesn't he have, like, Sasuke's clann's symbol on his chest?" Nah, that's a bastardization of the Kuramatengu crest, "aklaikyuknoh!", but I'd like to imagine these guys are more likely to congregate in prospect park.


weekly doodle

yeo, so I'm gonna drop in e'ry monday with a lil' sketch... mostly ninja. This is the Ace of spades. He's like harry tuttle with a machette. (Gilliam: Brazil, Deniro actlikeuknow)
Week went quick, the con was so ferocious it distorted the time space continuum. I'll probably go back in time to get more work done and equalize the distortion.
It was really great to see everybody (who got in). Stay glued to this blog for info on upcoming projects, a store, and a D-pi.com update. Easy



Alrighty folks, welcome. I'm gonna try to update this badboy every Monday from here on out with info and flix.

I was SO inspired by the NY con. I am excited to get back to the drawing board, and I hope to be hearing from all you people out there who stopped by Table 101 to hollur @ D-π
...More later.



flix finally

peep Red light district flix @ the SOA blog www.soundofart.blogspot.com


Red light

The following post I've been wanting to put up for awhile now, but since blogger is so glitchy I haven't been able to upload the images that go ewith the blog. I am currently developing a blog/web comic with a friend of mine. So sit tight, people
it shall be done. Until then, enjoy this text only entry, bleh:

forgot my camera... but yo, What happen to my man from King Mag!? I know it's some flix of those naked girls floating around ("Naked Girls"= more hits than ever this week... wait a min! latina, asian, teen, amateur, big but, milf)
anyway, yeah... it was madness and once again. thx to everyone who came out. next time I'll have more.
thx to K for snatching these stills from the SOA video...


Ego Field Trippin

Hey everybody,
Looks like those Papa Midnight covers went over with a blast worldwide. Here are some picks.

This cat was like, "forget about a museum, this is all you need rightc'here"

Biggups to NateBonez for sending out the flix.